How To ‘Clear Clipboard Windows 10’ Error 2021

Deleting the clipboard in Windows 10 Why does this problem occur? What is the cause of this problem?

Although Windows 10 has many features, it also has many problems and bugs. One of the main causes is its clipboard automatically captures our copy and paste, and we lose the main clipboard, which is frustrating.

If copy and paste is turned on in Windows 10, this feature will save information about items you have recently copied to the clipboard using copy and paste. Here we will show you how to clear or disable the clipboard history if necessary.

And How Can I Fix It?

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    8 Fixed Method To ‘Clear Clipboard Windows 10’ Problem [Follow This 8-Fixed Steps Now ]:-

    1. Clipboard History For Clear Entry :

    In case if you want to clear your clipboard entry history then here’s what you’ve to do:-

    1️⃣ Press the Windows key + I on your keyboard and open Settings.
    2️⃣ You can also select manual mode by typing Settings in the search bar.
    3️⃣ Search for System and open it.
    4️⃣ Switch to the Clipboard tab displayed in the left menu and ‘Turn off’ the ‘Save multiple items’ checkbox above the Synchronize data option.

    clear clipboard history windows 10 using settings

    2. Delete all data from the clipboard

    Delete clipboard in Windows 10. If you don’t need a backup of the clipboard and want to delete all your data, follow these steps now. :

    1️⃣ Press The ‘Windows key + I’ on your keyboard and Open Settings.
    2️⃣ You can also choose the manual way by typing in the ‘search bar Settings’.
    3️⃣ Find System and Open it.
    4️⃣ Get into the Clipboard tab which appears on the ‘left side menu’ and ‘click on the Clear button’.

    how to clear clipboard in windows 10

    Now your clipboard is completely cleared.

    3. If the clipboard history is enabled, pressing ‘Windows + V’ will open a small window listing the last items copied to the clipboard. [Follow This Steps]:

    1️⃣ Press Windows Key + V on your keyboard.
    2️⃣ A new window will pop up.
    3️⃣ Select the relevant clipboard and click on the 3 dots and then Press the Delete button.

    clearing a specific clipboard in windows 10

    Now your specific clipboard will be deleted.

    4. Clear All Clipboard in Listed Data. [Follow This Steps]:

    1️⃣ Press ‘Windows Key + V’ on your keyboard.
    2️⃣ A new window will pop up.
    3️⃣ Select the relevant clipboard and click on the 3 dots and then Press the ‘Clear all’ button.

    clear all clipboard windows 10

    Now your specific all clipboard will be deleted.

    5. Clear Clipboard Using the ‘Command Prompt Method'(CMD). [Follow This Steps]:

    1️⃣ Press ‘Windows Key‘ Then Find Search bar And Type ‘cmd’ or ‘command prompt’
    2️⃣ Select ‘command prompt’ and right click then click the ‘Run as Administrator’
    3️⃣ Type or copy-paste This command cmd /c “echo off | clip” Press Enter Key.
    4️⃣ Now your clipboard is cleared Successfully.

    clear clipboard using cmd

    6. Restart The Your Computer Now.

    Another way to remove the clipboard is to restart your computer. This will update your computer and give you a clean clipboard. You can use it however you want.

    7. Adding a Clipboard Removal Option to the Desktop Context Menu Using the Registry

    You can also add a clipboard removal option to the desktop context menu using the registry. Here is what you need to do. :

    1️⃣ Open the registry. You can open it by typing Search.
    2️⃣ Go to ‘HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Directory/Background/‘.
    3️⃣ Select the ‘Shell folder’ and ‘right click‘ on it.
    4️⃣ Select ‘New->Key‘ and name it ‘Delete clipboard’.
    5️⃣ Then ‘right click’ on the folder you just ‘created’ and ‘create a new key’ again named cmd.
    6️⃣ The default reg key is automatically created with the new folder, ‘double click’ on the ‘default key’.
    7️⃣ Now paste the following command cmd.exe /c echo off | clip.
    8️⃣ Click OK and press ‘F5’ on your keyboard to update.
    9️⃣ Now you will see the option to ‘clear the clipboard’ in the desktop context menu.

    The most frequentlly used way to How To ‘Clear Clipboard Windows 10’ Error 2021

    When you collect too many items on your clipboard, you might get an error that says your clipboard is full. Here’s how to empty the clipboard.

    To delete all clips or an individual clip, first open the Clipboard task pane.

    • On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Clipboard dialog box launcher.The clipboard launcher is at the bottom right of the Clipboard group on the Home tab.
    • The Clipboard task pane appears on the left side of your spreadsheet and shows all clips in the clipboard.The Clipboard list shows the items on your clipboard.
    • To clear the entire clipboard, click the Clear All button.The Clear All button on the clipboard
    • To delete an individual clip, hover next to the clip, click the arrow to the right of the clip, and click Delete.You can delete Clip 1.

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