How to delete a page in google docs

The easiest way to delete a page in Google Docs is to simply use your Backspace or Delete key to erase all the content on the page. You can also edit your margin size, which can help move text off a page and delete it.

There are several reasons why there are extra pages or blank spaces in your Google Doc. This article explains how to delete them, including empty pages, page breaks, and funky formatting.


Use the Delete Key

This method is easy and makes the most sense for the majority of situations. Whether the extra page is there due to unnecessary spaces or content you no longer want, removing it involves selecting the unwanted area.

  1. Place the cursor at the end of the sentence that precedes the blank or unwanted page. For example, to delete page 2 in a document with 3 pages, start at the end of page 1 or the very start of page 2.
  2. Click and drag downward, somewhat slowly to avoid going too far, and stop near the next sentence you see (if it’s a blank page) or just before the next sentence you want to keep. In our example, we’d stop at the end of page 2 or the beginning of page 3. The idea here is to select all of page 2 since we want to remove it.Screenshot of highlighted text in Google Docs
  3. There should now be a long, highlighted mark through the page. Press Delete or Backspace on the keyboard to instantly erase it.
  4. You might be finished now, but take note of where your cursor ends up. If it’s between two sentences, press Enter if you have to so that a new paragraph is made where the old page used to be.

You don’t have to actually delete a page if you just want to avoid printing it. When you go to File Print, change the Pages option to Custom and pick which pages to print. That’s how it works in Chrome; it’s similar in other browsers.

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Undo a Page Break

Creating a page break can make blank pages. You can remove a page break similar to how you’d remove an extra page, but you don’t have to worry so much about highlighting anything.

  1. Locate the page break. Since it’s white space you want to remove, look for a large blank space in the document. One way to verify that it’s a page break and not just blank paragraphs is by pressing the down arrow. If it jumps down further than a single line, you’ve got a page break there.Screenshot of the start of a page break in Google Docs
  2. Click once before the page break and press the Delete key. Or, go right after the page break and press Backspace. You might have to repeat this one or more times if there are extra spaces.The pages are now consolidated and the page break removed.Screenshot of a Google doc

Adjust Line Spacing

Google Docs might be adding extra space after paragraphs. This is a setting that can apply to the entire document and that no amount of backspacing can fix. Here’s what to do if you have extra pages or blank spaces that you can’t seem to remove normally:

  1. Select just before the first word in the document.
  2. Go to Format Line spacing Custom spacing.Use custom line spacing from the Format menu under Line Spacing in Google Docs.
  3. Lower the After paragraph spacing number or just set it to 0.Google Docs custom line and paragraph spacing settings.
  4. Select Apply to save and exit the settings.

If that doesn’t work, repeat these steps but select the first sentence after the blank space and change the Before value during step 3.

Change the Margins

Although less common, margins that are too big could be the reason for extra pages. Making the margins smaller gives you more room to write on each page, thus preventing unnecessary blank spaces.

  1. Go to File Page setup.
  2. Adjust the values in the Margin column. If the bottom margin, for example, is set to a number that’s too large, then Docs is forcing too much text to run over onto the next page. Lowering the number fixes this.Google Docs page setup settings.
  3. Select OK to save and exit the settings.

How to delete a page in Google Docs

Method 1: Highlight and delete

The fastest — and easiest — method to delete a page is by highlighting your text and hitting backspace. It’s an easy way to get the job done, but you’ll have to be careful to only highlight the relevant text. You can also use this method if you have a few blank lines from hitting Enter a few extra times.

Method 2: Adjust the margins

The only in-depth method on the list, adjusting the margins is a good way to get rid of an extra page without deleting text. This might be the best pick if you’ve just got one or two lines of text on the last page of your document. Here’s how to get started:

1. Navigate to the File tab and scroll down to the Page Setup option.

delete a page in google docs 1

2. Click on Page Setup and open the popup menu. This is where you can adjust the margins, the size and color of your paper, and finally, the margins.

delete a page in google docs 2

3. Use the four text boxes at the right to change the margins. Make sure to change both the right and left margins at equal rates to keep your text from appearing off-center.

You can also use the blue arrows located below the toolbar to adjust the margins by dragging the Left Indent and Right Indent to either side.

delete a page in google docs 3

Method 3: Remove a page break

This method only really works if you have an extra page break in your document. The process is similar to that of highlighting and deleting. You’ll just have to track down the page break in your document — wherever it may lie — and hit delete. While there’s a button to add a page break, you won’t find the same option to eliminate it.

Quickly Delete That Page in Google Docs

Everyone uses Google Docs – be it professionals, business owners, students. And honestly, we see the appeal. Not only can you create documents on the go, but you also enjoy anytime-anywhere access as all your data is stored on the cloud.

Considering we use this word processor on an almost daily basis, we often find unwanted pages sprawled across the main Google Doc page. Some are half-written pages of abandoned projects, while some are just… blank.

While having extra pages in Google docs isn’t that big of a deal thanks to its 15GB free storage, it can still make browsing through your document list unnecessarily long, and of course, disorganized.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can delete a page in Google Docs in two minutes flat.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

How to Easily Delete a Page in Google Docs

Trying to delete a page in Google Docs, and just can’t seem to figure it out?

Stop. You’re probably doing it wrong.

You see, deleting a page in Google Docs is very simple. All you have to need is the right guidance. Currently, there are three ways to delete a Google Doc page, and we’ll explain them all.

Method 1: Select and Delete the Text

This is hands down the fastest and simplest method to delete a Google Docs page. You have to highlight the text you want to delete and hit the Backspace key.

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re scrolling your cursor to select the text faster. So make sure you don’t end up deleting the text you actually need.

Step #1 Click and drag your cursor to highlight the unwanted text and images you want to delete.

Step #2 Press the Backspace key or Delete key on your keyboard. All the highlighted content, along with the pages they cover, will be deleted.

This method also works when you want to get rid of random paragraphs. Eventually, when you keep on deleting unnecessary paragraphs, you’ll see your page number reduce as well.

Method 2: Delete a Page Break

Page breaks were introduced to make the formatting more convenient.

However, they can become very annoying very quickly when you have a blank page that you just can’t type on because you somehow added an unwanted page break that’s taking up the whole page. Ugh.

Don’t worry, though. Here’s how you can get rid of it:

Step #1 Place the cursor of your mouse after the blank space.

Step #2 Press and hold the Backspace key or Delete key on your keyboard. This will remove the unwanted page. Remove your finger only when the extra page is deleted.

That said, be careful while removing the page break as otherwise, you might end up deleting important sections you actually need. Keep an eye on the file you are pressing the Backspace button for to prevent any disaster.

Method 3: Adjusting the Page Margins

This is a slightly more in-depth method of deleting a page in Google Docs. But it’s the best option when you have one or two lines of text on the last page of your doc and don’t want to unnecessarily increase another page.

This is how you should go about it:

Step #1 Click on the File tab from the top menu bar. Select the Page setup option from the displayed options. A Page setup pop-up box will appear on your screen.

Step #2 You can adjust the margins, page orientation, page size, and page color from here.

We’re concerned with only the top, bottom, left, and right margins for deleting a page in Google Docs. Additionally, make sure you change the right and left margins at equal rates so that your text doesn’t end up off-center.

Alternatively, you can use the blue arrows located below the toolbar to adjust the margins. Drag the indent left or right on whichever side you want to remove the last page – all by adjusting your doc’s content.

How to Easily Delete a Page in Google Docs on Android Devices

Nearly every G Suite application has a mobile app version, and Google Docs is no exception.

The good news is that you can delete a page easily in the word processor even when you’re using your Android device. Here’s what you need to do:

Step #1 Open the Google Docs app on your Android. Search for the file where you want to delete the extra page.

Step #2 Highlight the text and image that you want to delete.

Step #3 Tap on the Backspace or Delete key on your phone keyboard.

They should immediately delete all of the highlighted text.
Alternative Method: Adjusting the Page Size

Step #1 Tap on the Settings option located on the top right-hand corner of your screen. A side menu will appear, showing you a host of options.

Step #2 Scroll down to look for the Page setup option. Tap on it.

Step #3 You’ll see different options that allow you to change how your document looks. Tap on Paper size.

A wide range of paper size options, such as Letter (this is the default setting), Tabloid, Executive, A4, A5, and B5 will be displayed on your screen. Select any option you prefer. We recommend the Tabloid and A3 to make your text appear broader, which will also cut down the page count.

The new paper size setting will be saved automatically, removing the extra page with no extra effort.

How to Delete a Page in Google Docs on iOS Devices

You can download the Google docs app irrespective of whether you own an iPhone or an iPad. And just like in the case of Android, you can delete a page in Google Docs in just a few minutes.

Let’s take a look at how you should go about it.

Step #1 Search for the document you want to edit on the Google Docs app on your iOS device.

Step #2 Tap at the start of the paragraph you want to remove, and drag your finger down the screen at the end of the paragraph or section you want to delete.

Step #3 Tap on the Backspace or Delete key on your phone‘s screen. Continue this for the other content portions you wish to delete.

Eventually, the deleted parts will reduce your word count, which, in turn, will cut down your page number.

Alternative Method: Adjusting the Page Size

Step #1 Assuming you have the document already open, tap on the three horizontal lines located on the top right-hand side of your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2 Scroll below the displayed options until you locate Page setup. Tap on it.

Step #3 Tap on Paper size.

Step #4 You can adjust your page margins by selecting between four options: Narrow, Default, Wide, and Custom.

While you can always opt for customized margins, we’ll recommend clicking on Narrow as it gets the job done. Once you’ve made your selection, tap on Apply.

And that’s it! The extra page gets deleted in the document after the margins are adjusted. Your text will look something like this with the new paper size settings:

How to Remove a Blank Page in Google Docs

It’s common to end up finding blank pages when working on Google Docs.

You see, a new page is created automatically once you press the Enter key at the end of a text that’s located right at the end of a page. Read that again. But, at the same time, you may find yourself dealing with a blank page that’s right in the middle of a document.

Here’s how you can delete blank pages on Google documents in both circumstances.

Deleting a Blank Page at the End of the Document

We’re going to assume you’ve already opened Google Docs, and have finished writing the content. The steps below are what you should do after that.

Step #1 Place your cursor at the end of the last page. Press Enter.

You’ll find a new page gets created automatically.

Step #2 Click your cursor on the last page till the blinking line appears on your screen. It’ll look something like this:

Press the Backspace or Delete button on your keyboard. This will remove the last page immediately.

Deleting a Blank Page in the Middle of the Document

When compared to deleting an empty page at the end of your content, deleting an empty page that’s in the middle of a document is slightly trickier.

Let’s take a look at how you can remove a blank page that’s in the middle of a Google Doc.

Step #1 Place your cursor at the starting point of the blank page and drag it down until it covers the whole blank page, or in other words, the beginning of your next paragraph.

Step #2 Once you’ve selected the entire black page, press the Backspace or Delete button on your keyboard.

This will almost immediately delete your blank page as if it was never there.

Alternatively, you can also keep pressing the Backspace or Delete button until your blank page is filled with text from the next page. The only problem is that this is very time-consuming as opposed to just dragging your cursor.

What to Do When the Unwanted Page Doesn’t Go Away

While it’s highly unlikely for the unwanted page to not go away if you follow the above methods diligently, there are two tips using which you can prevent the unwanted page from happening in the first place. Additionally, they also help format a Google Doc document better.

Tip 1: Clearing Any Formatting

Clear formatting is a simple yet effective tool that lets you switch any text and layout preferences within your document to their default settings. This way, if you’d chosen an overly large font, its size will get decreased after clearing the formatting, which, in turn, will remove the extra blank page.

Step #1 Place your cursor at the beginning of the document and drag it to the very end so all the content is highlighted.

Step #2 Go to the Format tab on the top menu bar and click on Clear formatting.

Take a look at this image:

As you can see, the formatting is different for the two paragraphs. Similarly, when you also click on Clear formatting, the font, font size, and layout will change for the whole doc.

Tip 2: Using Section Breaks

Section breaks are the very foundation of a well-formatted document. Not only does it make your work appear neater, but there’s also more organization to the whole document. It also works exceptionally well to prevent any blank pages.

Below, we’ve compiled the steps of how you can implement section breaks into your Google docs.

Step #1 Click on the Insert tab. This is located on the top menu bar. A dropdown menu will appear.

Step #2 Browse down and click on Break.

Step #3 You can choose the type of “break” you want from the Break menu.

For instance, Page break creates a new page, Section break (next page) switches to the next page to add a new section, and Section break (continuous) starts a new section on the same page.

That’s all you need to do to break up your document into chunks without having to worry about any unwanted pages.

How to delete a page on Google Doc? Easy Methods!

In this article, we have discussed the answer to the question – How to delete a page on Google Doc?

Google Docs is Google’s word processor program, which is available through the Google Drive software. It offers a lot of features to make the creation of your Word faster and more efficient. The following points should teach you how to uninstall a Google Docs file.

It sometimes happens that you find unwanted blank pages in your Google Docs, especially when working with documents that originate from another source. The good news is that it is very straightforward to erase blank pages in Docs, and there are some different ways to do so.

Writing is hard enough, particularly when it comes to solving formatting problems.

Deleting an unused or extra page is a design issue typically arising while making a text. Fortunately, it’s effortless to delete pages in Google Docs and edit similar software like Google Sheets, and there are many ways to do that.

Whether it is MS Word or Google Docs, a new page is automatically created anytime you apply any material to such a document and click the enter key at the end of the text right at the end of a column. Sometimes that page is not required and allows users to uninstall the page entirely without destroying the text formatting. It is much easier to remove the last empty page after all the text than to eliminate a blank page in the center of a paper without disturbing the structure.

This guide provides two methods for removing a file in Google Docs: Remove a page in a Google Docs created in Google Docs Delete a page in Google Docs for a document adapted from Microsoft Word I split this guide into these two parts because Google Docs can be created in Docs or converted from Word.

Why you remove a page in the document that influences the root of the paper.

Below are the steps for how to delete a page in Google Doc?

How to delete a page in Google docs?

Below are the options to find how to delete a page on Google Doc?

Option 1: highlight and delete

I would see this first choice as being the easiest. Place the cursor to the top of the page to continue. Highlight the entire page from thereby holding down the mouse and moving it to the bottom of the page. Once the link is illuminated, just click the delete button, and your unused tab will disappear.

Option 2: adjust the margins

You can also remove a file in Google Docs with margins changed. Sometimes an unexpected page may arise when the margins at the bottom of the page are too big. Through can the gaps, and you should be able to eliminate all other variables.

 Option 3: remove a page break

Another explanation of why an unintended page can be generated is the accidental addition of a page split. Bring your cursor in front of the first letter on the page to remove the page break from your document, and press Delete. From there, you can return the document to the correct amount of data.

Option 4: use custom spacing

Go to Template screen > Splitting panel > Custom arrangement. What we are looking at here is the width of a line after a sentence. Essentially, if you tell Docs to insert a certain amount of spacing after a paragraph, that is at the end of your document, it could be creating a new page where you don’t need one. If this value reaches zero, try adjusting it back to zero and see if it reduces your room.

One of those approaches should have worked for you, and you can now continue working without getting in the way of an additional tab.

Search for further ways to use Google Docs?

If you find it difficult to delete an empty page on Google Docs through all of the above options, there is one more thing you can do to avoid creating a blank page first. Try to ensure that the sentence ends before a new page is automatically added below when you reach the end of your last content page. And, when you end up adding your last’ period / full stop,’ do not press the key on your keyboard to enter. By not creating a new website, this will improve.

 Everybody likes and uses Google Docs pretty much every single day. Yes, Microsoft Word is still the most powerful and feature-rich word processor. We enjoy Google Docs, though, because it opens easily, is user-friendly, and docs. A new URL shortcut is excellent to access. We have got more tips and tricks for you on Google Docs below.

 If Document Has Blank Pages, Follow This Step To Delete!

Blank pages do more than simply show up at the bottom of the paper. Often somewhere in the center of the material, they are generated at random.

In this scenario, you can do the operations mentioned in the preceding segment. But it does take a long time. You must either click the Remove key or remove it until the next tab text is filled in by the blank page.

  • From a technical point of view, fill in the blanks of the text found on the website rather than delete the file.
  • On these blank pages in the middle of the web tab, pressing Backspace or Remove will not remove the blank pages, but will modify the text on the blank pages.
  • Delete blank pages in between pages with text. To pick a blank page, you need to move the mouse, for example, when choosing a word or sentence. Exit after all blank page has been selected. For my illustration, look at how you did it.
  • Chooses the whole blank page from the first section to the final line. That is the only way to remove blank pages, not at the paper edge.
  • Once a blank page has been picked, simply press the Remove or Rewrite button on the keyboard. The black side vanished as though there were no.

This tool can be used to fully erase blank pages, just as you can click the backspace key to remove the last tab with the mouse. If the elimination of Google Docs blank pages in any of these cases is challenging, there are other ways to avoid producing blank pages entirely.

Once you reach the end of the previous content tab, make sure to finish the bidding before adding a new link automatically below.

Do not press the Enter key on the keyboard when you add the last point. It helps you by creating a new website.

If you ever need to function on a text document, build a chart, or even a slideshow, using the Microsoft Office Suite is the first option that may come to your mind.

Although it may include effective programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other kinds, they usually come at a hefty price.

 Google also created a web service called Google Docs, but, as part of Google Drive software, for some time now. Both apps are 100 percent secure, and all you need to use is an Internet browser and an account with Google.

One of Google Docs ‘ most common elements is the text editor, who has almost the same features as Microsoft Word, which is much more costly.

 There are some specific differences between the two, such as how sites can be removed. That’s why we’ve built a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you just how pages of Google Docs can be removed.

How To delete in Google docs?

Go to the Google Docs website Go to File Click Download Access a document either from a cloud service or by downloading it from your hard drive Now that you have a document in front of you, one of the methods listed below is still usable.

  1. Select and delete Move your cursor to the beginning of the text on the page you want to delete 
  2. Drag it down to the bottom by holding left-clicking 
  3. Once the whole text has been selected, press Backspace or Delete

Delete Pages in Android Google Docs

 ·         Open the program for Google Docs and open the text.

·         To the left, click the “Pencil” button. Tap the top of the Overflow menu (three vertical dots), and then tap the button “Print style.”

·         Follow this method if you want to erase a blank page–Position the cursor in the tab you want to disable, press the “Backspace” button on your keyboard!

Note: If you want a blank screen to be erased, and it’s the first tab, put the cursor at the top of the second page and then press the “Backspace” button.

If you want to uninstall a page along with its material, follow this move-select the page content and then twice press the “Backspace” key. 

Note: If the page you want to uninstall is the first one, then pick the page material and press the “Backspace” key.

How to Delete Blank Pages In Docs?

You can occasionally find unwelcome blank pages in Google Docs, and mainly while dealing with documents coming from a different source. When you come across a vacant or unused document on Google Docs, the following steps can be used to uninstall it. Below are the steps that you can follow to find how to delete a page on Google Doc?

  • Open your’ Google Docs.’ Tap’ More Next’ to the’ Remove’ page you want to delete. 
  • Tap. The tab will be deleted. Or you can simply hit delete to erase a link. 
  • To do so, put the cursor on the document before the end of the text and select’ Delete.’ 
  • In most cases, this option works correctly.
  • The blank page can also be highlighted and hit’ Delete. 

Delete A Page On Google Docs in Chromebook

Whether it’s a standard word document or Google Docs, as you close to the end of the previous page, it can immediately create a new file. The new page may not be needed at times, and, in such cases, you can uninstall the page without spoiling your text file.

To remove the blank page at the end of the paper, position the cursor on the last page until the text icon or line and press ‘ Remove ‘ or place the cursor on the last line after the previous phrase on the paragraph you want to delete and select erase in your browser. To remove the blank page in the center of the text, highlight the page and click ‘ Delete ‘ or ‘ Backspace ‘ on your keyboard.

How To Delete A Page On Google Docs Resume

The creation of the Resume has specific formats and rules. Alone on a new page, you can not compile your personal details and statements. Mostly, there should be no more than two pages in a fresher’s resume. While e-mailing your Resume, you will make sure that your resume does not have any additional pages that are needed. You should uninstall it if you have a free or extra tab.

Find out how to delete a page on Google Doc?

Launch’ Docs Google.’ Tap on the top of a text to’ Format that Appears.’

  • You will see a drop-down column. 
  • Choose ‘ Line Spacing’ from the list and then custom spacing.
  • After a line, you can see a new window of spacing. If you want to create a new tab, change the spacing before and after nil. If there’s anything more significant than zero after the spacing number, Google Docs can create a new tab, or you can use some method to uninstall a file. 
  • Highlight the link split and press’ Delete’ to remove a tab. You can change the margins.
  • To do so, move to file and choose page setup. There should be no more significant number in the bottom margin. 

When you remove a version of a file on Google Docs for the first time, you can either back up the file to another site or send the file to yourself. Occasionally, to delete a folder, you may mistakenly delete the file page, which carries the most critical content.

I trust this tutorial has been useful to you. Do you have a concern, message, or would like to get feedback? Use the Tab, “Post a Response.” At the end of this article. So, if you are looking to find the answer to How to delete a page on Google Doc, this is the piece for you.

How to Remove a Google Docs Page Break

How to Delete a Page Break in Google Docs

  1. Open your document.
  2. Put your cursor at the beginning of the first line below the page break.
  3. Press the Backspace key.

Our article continues below with additional information on deleting a page break in Google Docs including pictures of these steps.

How to Delete a Google Docs Page Break (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed in the desktop Google Chrome Web browser, but will work in other desktop browsers as well.

Step 1: Sign into Google Drive and open the document with the page break that you wish to remove.

Step 2: Place your cursor at the start of the first line on the new page after the page break.

how to remove a Google Docs page break

Step 3: Press the Backspace key on your keyboard to remove the page break.

The content that was previously on the new page should now be directly after the content that preceded the page break.

More Information on How to Delete a Page Break in Google Docs

Note that you may need to press the Backspace key several times depending on how much space there is between the page break and the content on the new page. Additionally, after deleting the page break, you may need to press the Enter key a couple of times until your document layout is correct.

Unfortunately there isn’t a fast way to delete multiple page breaks in Google Docs. You will need to go through manually with the process above and remove each individual page break using those steps.

This article is meant to delete manual page breaks. If a page break is occurring naturally because the page is full of content, then there the only way to change that is by adjusting the margins on the page.

You can adjust margins in Google Docs by going to File > Page setup and changing the margin values there, or by clicking and dragging the margins icons that appear in the rulers at the top and left side of the screen.

How to Delete a Page in Google Docs

Google Docs is a word processing tool created by Google which can be used within the Google Drive service. Similar to Microsoft Word, it provides plenty of features to make your word processing easier and stress-free.

Whether you are using MS Word or Google Docs, when you add content at the bottom of the page and press “Enter” a new page will be created. Usually, such a page is not needed. 

Deleting unwanted or extra pages can easily become a formating hell. Just remember that you are not alone, this is a common issue when creating a new document. Deleting the last page in Google Docs is a fairly easy and straightforward process, but removing blank pages from the middle of the document while preserving formatting can be tricky.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way! The following tips will show you how to delete a page in Google Docs.

Delete a Blank Page at the End of the Document

While creating content in Google Docs, most likely no new page will be created if the content ends somewhere in the middle of the page. On the other hand, if your content ends at the bottom of the page there is a chance that a new page will emerge after hitting the “Enter” key.

If or when this happens, simply place the cursor on the last page of the document after the last text line or word. When the text bar appears, press the “Delete” key. The blank area will move backward and the blank page will disappear.

Delete a Blank Page in the Middle of the Document

To delete a blank page in the middle of the document you can follow the previously mentioned steps. By doing this, you would be basically hitting the “backspace” or “Delete” button until the blank page is filled with the text from the next page. This is not the simplest thing to do and could ultimately cost you a lot of time.

The easiest and quickest way to delete a blank page in Google Docs is to select it. You can do that by dragging your cursor as you do when selecting a sentence. Once the page is selected, simply press “Delete” or “Backspace” and the page will disappear like it was never there.

Bonus Tips

On some rare occasions, users can unintentionally create blank pages by inserting page breaks. To delete a page break simply place the cursor in front of the first letter on the page and press “Delete”. Your document should now have the correct amount of pages.

Pages in Google docs can also be deleted by adjusting margins. An unwanted page can pop up if the margins at the bottom of the page are too big. You should eliminate extra spacing simply by making the margins smaller.

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